Letter to Liberal MP's addressing the Global Compact on Migration

Dear Liberal MPs, 
Many Nations are pulling out of the Global Compact agreement as they recognize it will lead to the demise of Western society and impoverish it citizens.It will not, and cannot, accomplish the impossible goal of eliminating world poverty. 
As long as Middle Eastern leaders (whom are among the wealthiest in the world), elite globalists and totalitarian rulers are permitted to maintain their enormous wealth, the UN should not be given the power to make such outrageous demands on Western Nations. And, more so, Canada's leadership should not even be entertaining participation. 
 If world leaders genuinely think they can rid the world of poverty, then they should lead by example. They, and their multi-billionaire friends, should 'first' forfeit, and distribute, 'their' wealth?
 The UN leaders pushing this agenda, as well Soros, Globalist elites, and the like, are advancing it with the sole purpose to gain Global Power, Global Control and Global Wealth... at the cost of every day, hard working people.  
The UN Global Compact for Migration is manipulating the emotions of humanity in order to advance a political agenda. It is better to help the needy within their own countries, so they are able to work towards building their own nations. This would be considered progress.
The following video is an excellent explanation which will help put immigration and world poverty into proper perspective. It also explains the actual damage being done by those who are supporting the Global Compact on Migration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDceLiPLHWQ    
The Global Compact's objective to force migration and distribute wealth from western nations will not cure poverty. Rather, it is rapidly impoverishing Western Nations due to open borders and excessive liberal spending on foreign aid and false asylum seekers, giving cash away as if it were monopoly money. Canadians are already experiencing a devastating increased deficit. What does the future look like for our children? 
Socialism, Marxism, and totalitarianism always destroy countries. Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, and the Middle East are all prime examples of the failure of these lethal systems, prohibiting citizens to thrive, and robbing them of their wealth, rights, and freedoms.
Canadians implore the Liberal Party to make the necessary decision to opt out in order to also protect our sovereignty and security as a Nation. 
We request leadership pull out of the Compact and join the growing number of countries who recognize the overreach of the UN in pressing this agenda.... USA, Poland, Lichtenstein, Czech Republic, Japan, Israel, Bulgaria, Austria, Australia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Belgium. 
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